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Log of recent changes in the gjâ-zym-byn site

19 May 2010
14 May 2010
13 May 2010
11 May 2010
10 May 2010
7 May 2010
6 May 2010
4 May 2010
25 June 2009
Add link to Brett Williams' gzb photostream to the main page
20 June 2009
6 December 2008
4 December 2008
22 November 2008
Added Translation Relay 16 text
25 August 2008
Add notes on plant metonymy and on subjective/objective time-words to the Semantics document
22 August 2008
Updates to stress and allophony sections of the Phonology document
9 August 2008
  • More examples in the serial postpositions section of the grammar
    6 August 2008
    • Extensive edits and additions to the history essay, including more on the Wikipedia deletion debate, history of modifications to the grammar, notes on what parts of the phonology and grammar I'm currently using fluently or not yet fluent in, and common mistakes I still make
    • A few corrections and additions to the grammar document, especially the introduction (index of synthesis, clarify use of the terms "subject" and "object" for gzb), and a new section on ditransitive verbs
    • More about use of various suffixes with mental state stems
    • Added links to 2006-2007 CONLANG posts about gzb to the main index document
    3 August 2008
    2 August 2008
    • Fix semi-broken links to recently moved main conlang page
    • More on derivations from number-roots, esp. the newish suffix {-saw} and additional notes on uses of {-pa} and {-bô}
    • Miscellaneous minor corrections (formatting and wording) in the grammar and semantics documents, and a couple of new sample sentences
    • Phonology updates re: allophony and stress
    • Lexicon updates
    • A few minor updates to the history of the language
    12 March 2008
    • Added section on definiteness to the grammar document
    • Added section on love and friendship to the semantics document
    • Lexicon updates
    • Added scripts.zip and rdb.zip since Bellsouth no longer allows my site to serve .pl, .awk, or .rdb files as plain text
    3 March 2008 (Tenth anniversary of gzb)
    Updated the history essay, made various minor improvements to the grammar and semantics documents, and added words to lexicon.
    Updated the main page with links to translation relay texts
    27 February 2008
    Added words to lexicon.
    Added sections on kinship terms and words for new, young and old to the semantics document.
    25 February 2008
    Added words to lexicon.
    Added notes on attitudinal use of {-pôm} to the grammar document
    Miscellaneous formatting improvements to various example sentences in semantics document
    19 April 2007
    Improved lexicon with internal cross-reference links
    18 April 2007
    • Added Babel text and new version of the dialogues from Luke chapter 20, with every word or morpheme hyperlinked to its lexicon entry
    • Added autogenerated entries for all remaining spacetime postpositions to the lexicon
    4 April 2007
    • Grammar: added sections on qualifier and quantifier particles, and added {belm} (the irony or sarcasm marker) to the logic clitics section, along with 20+ example sentences
    • Phonology & Writing: more details on phonotactic constraints and more examples of affricate lenition
    28 March 2007
    Grammar: added better documentation of conjunctions, serial verbs, serial postpositions, usage of certain postpostions, directional adverbs, subject attraction, and experiencer participles; also a few formatting and wording fixes to existing material
    18 March 2007
    • Updated Phonology & Writing with more notes on allophony (lenition of affricates after nasal consonants) and shorthand-development of handwritten script
    • Miscellaneous lexicon updates
    10 March 2007
    Grammar document: added example of {mǒn ... mǒj} structure. Miscellaneous minor corrections and broken link fixes.
    Miscellaneous lexicon updates
    July 2006
    Miscellaneous grammar document and lexicon updates
    Added material to history essay
    28 March 2006
    Added two dialogues from Luke 20:20-40
    17 March 2006
    Minor grammar document updates
    Added text from Translation Relay 13
    9 February 2006
    Corrected some typos in the phonology document
    8 February 2006
    Corrected some errors in the grammar document; improved the formatting of many sample sentences
    Added a section on the clausal conjunction {ðǒŋ}, and made other improvements to the section on subordinate clauses
    Added section on subject pronoun incorporation
    Updated the lexicon
    8 December 2005
    Major update of phonology document, adding IPA and CXS transcriptions for all phonemes, more detailed notes on diphthongs and coarticulated semivowels, samples of syllable forms not represented before
    Major update of semantics document, specifically the section on suffixes (added notes on {-ra}, {-hô}, {-ĵam}, {-kar}, {-ĝa}, {-ŋa}, {-pôm}, and {-baw})
    Update of grammar document, adding section on evidentiality adverbs derived with {-pôm}
    Corrections to Ave Maria
    2 December 2005
    Added translated text with gloss, Danti and the Donkey
    30 November 2005
    Added translation of Ave Maria with gloss

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