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First Conlang...?

From:Caleb Hines <cph9fa@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 7, 2004, 5:48
> > I thought that the newbie stereotype was that > > their first language would pretty much always > > be a polysynthetic language...? Or maybe I'm > > confusing polysynthetic with agglutinating... > > I think's it's agglutinating you're thinking of. > Actually, most newbie conlangs I've seen are > ripoffs of European languages.
Well, I consider myself to be more or less a newbie, at least in the sense that I'm still working on the basics of the grammar in my first conlang Akathanu. And Akathanu is agglutinating. Or at least its synthetic. I haven't exactly decided how close I want to get to polysynthetic. It'll probably be somewhere right on the edge of aggluttinating and polysynthetic. At any rate, there's very little fusional elements in it. And it's definately _not_ a Euro ripoff, at least not grammatically. I was first inspired to make it while sitting in a formal logic math class (predicates, quantifiers, implications, tautologies, that kind of stuff). As such, it has a fairly loglangy feel, but I'm not actually trying to make it a loglang. Of course the fact that Akathanu is nowhere near "completion", even grammatically, hasn't stopped me from plowing ahead into several other conlangs -- five total so far. Granted, three of them are little more than bare bones ideas with virtually no active development, and two of those are likely to merge (more acurately, I will likely make one to be a descendant of the other). Akathanu is one of my two "more developed" languages. Thanks, ~Caleb ...who wonders why his responses always have to be so long.


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