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CONLANG Digest - 21 Feb 2000 to 22 Feb 2000 (#2000-54)

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 6:37
> > Anyway, my question is: > > > > Is there a natlang precedent (and/or existing name?) > > for the 'hissing' > > consonant (fricative?) produced by keeping the > > tongue in a lax / schwa-like > > position, and producing either voiced or voiceless > > breath with the teeth > > together and causing friction? > > It sounds to me somewhere between /S/ and /f/ (or > > /Z/ and /v/), but is > > obviously a totally different sound. > > > > Any (more) ideas, anyone? > > I can't tell you if there's natlang precedent, not > having any books with me right now, but I believe it'd > be called a bidental fricative.
Gotta quote here, from a book quoting a book quoting a couple of other people... "Passy (1899) describes a fricative in the Shapsug dialect of Adyghe, a Circassian language, which has 'the lips fully open, the teeth clenched and the tongue flat, the air passing between the teeth; the sound is intermediate between /S/ and /f/.' "This sound was noticed independently by Catford who comments that 'the Adyghe (Circassian) bidental fricative is, in fact, a variant of /x/, occurring for the /x/ in such words as /x@/ "six" and /dax@/ "pretty" in the Black Sea sub-dialect of Shapsug'." ...Is it like that? *Muke!