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From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Monday, January 2, 2006, 14:48
Isaac Penzev wrote:
> R A Brown wrote: > > > >>In modern times the adjective 'Hyperborean' has been applied to a group >>of languages spoken in northeastern Siberia. > > > Hmm. Aren't they more often called 'Paleosiberian' or 'Paleoasian'?
I believe so - my source was Mario Pei "The World's Chief Languages", 1949. But the Library of Congress apparently still uses the older term: PM Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages In the list quoted yesterday by Jefferson Wilson there is no mention of 'Paleosiberian' or 'Paleoasian' A quick Google on 'hyperborean' will soon show many different latter-day uses; I guess the terms 'Pal(a)eosiberian' and 'Pal(a)eoasian' have been adopted to avoid confusion with some of these other uses. -- Ray ================================== ================================== MAKE POVERTY HISTORY