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Re: Yivrian /l/ (was Re: syllables)

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, June 13, 2003, 22:03
On Fri, 13 Jun 2003 11:20:37 -0700 JS Bangs <jaspax@...>
> Steg said: > > Could [l] in Old Yivrian have come from some less sonorous sound, > > for instance, a lateralized [d], in Really Old Yivrian?
> What do you mean by a lateralized [d]? A [d] with a lateral release? > That might be the best suggestion yet.
> Jesse S. Bangs
- I guess so... i'm not sure exactly how it's articulated, but i was thinking something parallel to the 'lateralized S' in Proto-Semitic that is supposed to be the same as the Welsh |ll|. I seem to remember that one of the Arabic emphatics, maybe emphatic /d/, was also lateral, and comes out as /ld/ in loans into Spanish. ('alcalde' possibly?) -Stephen (Steg) from : steg is a fine game steg is a steganography program steg is unsurprisingly a big star trek fan steg is being used steg is made of velvety smooth tylon steg is a form of sto so must not be used on its own steg is the most amazing robot that has ever been in robot wars steg is beer steg is from rome and has a brand new baby boy steg is in charge steg is steg is as easy as they come steg is my friend he is a baby brontosaurus he gives me a ride on his flipside steg is another issue entirely steg is fucking atrocious steg is a world famous cellist steg is a dinosaur running till his feet are sore also from : rokbeigalmki is an agglutinative language rokbeigalmki is an agglutinative language that works mostly by the addition of affixes to roots rokbeigalmki is a symbol of freedom and chaos rokbeigalmki is agglutinative rokbeigalmki is distinguishing between the > negative versions of