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Bantoid conlang - morphology

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 24, 2004, 0:15
I have decided that roots are mostly 2 or 3 syllables
with syllables being V, CV, CwV or CyV.

There are several noun classes:

1 divine     sfa-
2 human      ndi-
3 ideational chwe-
4 animate    ma-
5 living     si-
6 liquid     ru-
7 solid      wa-

Take an example root like -kava with a basic maening
something like "to flow".  Adding the various class
suffixes produces the following:

sfakava  - blessing
ndikava  - genealogy/lineage
chwekava - consiousness
makava   - breed/bloodline
sikava   - ??
rukava   - river
wakava   - vein of ore

Plurals are formed by reduplication of the final

Eg. sfakavava

Questions, comments and requests are welcome.  Right
now I've got to go cook dinner.


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Machu 1:9-10


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