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From:Bryan Maloney <slimehoo@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2003, 22:14
After some hiaiaiaiaitus, I've resumed the conlang
game.  As a way to refamiliarize myself with previous
work, I took a look at what I had done for the 10th
anniversary relay.  A couple of minor orthographic
corrections, and I realized that this needed to be
heard to be appreciated.

Therefore, I knuckled down and produced a sound file
(mp3) to go with the composition.

The effort can be found at

One orthographic change I made was to replace "ai" to
represent a diphthong with "î".  I cringed at it, but
it was even worse to hear English speakers chronically
make the Praxian "dain" rhyme with English "pane".

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