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OT: Fabian and Second Life (was Re: Local conlangcons)

From:Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>
Date:Thursday, March 1, 2007, 15:15
On 3/1/07, Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...> wrote:
[about Fabian]
> An English guy who knows more than is safe about the Maltese language.
Ah. Is he not Maltese? (And that sounds interesting, especially since I'm also interested in the Maltese language -- though I fear I wouldn't have the time to devote to it to attain the status of knowing more than is safe....)
> and is apparently a Second Life player.
Interesting. Is anyone else here in Second Life? I joined quite a while ago after an invitation from a Lojbanist on a Lojban mailing list who hoped to use that venue to community in Lojban in real time. Unfortunately, I never met him in-world due to time zone differences. I'm Kazuhiko Shirakawa there, though I'm hardly ever online these days.
> Very useful guy for asking about non-Latin/non-English scripts in Win9x/3.x.
That sounds useful indeed. Cheers, -- Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>


Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>