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Ur-Adena(was: Conlang Irregularities)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Sunday, March 7, 1999, 22:40
Brad Coon wrote:
>My main language is Nova and it is intended to be regular. I allow >some variation in the order of morphemes during word order but is >about it. >Feorran on the other hand has irregular verbs, homonyms and words >whose animacy varies with the dialect. It was intended to be more >realistic than Nova in that regard. >If my Ur-Adena project ever really gets off the ground, it will >have irregularities on the same scale as Feorran.
Great projects, both Feorran and Nowapan. But I never heard of your Ur-Adena project. Could you tell us (or me at least) more about it? In conlang or conculture list, whichever is more appropriate. Just Curious, -kristian- 8-)