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Re: JIAL phonology and morphology

From:The Gray Wizard <dbell@...>
Date:Friday, May 4, 2001, 21:03
> From: David Peterson > > In a message dated 5/4/01 11:45:39 AM, jcowan@REUTERSHEALTH.COM writes: > > << When an "auxlang contest" was proposed here (even though it doesn't > look likely to come off), I got inspired and came up with an idea > for an IAL. I don't know the final name yet, so I'm using "JIAL" > (John's IAL) as a temporary name. > >> > > I came up with an auxilliary language a couple days ago too, and it's > just about done (that's three days, Mr. Bell). I don't have time > to put up > its details now (class at 2:00), but I will later.
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