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Supposed Celtic semiticisms

From:damien perrotin <erwan.arskoul@...>
Date:Friday, January 28, 2005, 5:54
Skrivet gant Ray Brown:

The problem is that most of these features are recent developements
which are not shared by ancient celtic languages.

> Both sets of languages: > - are VSO
Gaullish was SVO. The shift to SVO is a late event.
> > - have only maculine & feminine genders
Gaulish had a neuter gender. Note that all romance tongues (including Romanian) have lost neuter
> - have a definite article but not indefinite
Gaulish has neither
> - favor post-posited adjectives
there too it's a recent development.
> - express the genitive relation in a similar way, e.g. > ARABIC beet ir raagil > WELSH ty 'r dyn > ENG. house the man = the man's house
Gaulish used a latin-like genitive. Gaelic still does.
> - have conjugated preposition, e.g. > GAELIC WELSH MALTESE ENGLISH > leam gennyf bija with me > leat gennyt bik with you (sing.) > leis ganddo bih with him > leatha ganddi biha with her > leinn gennym bina with us > leibh gennych bikom with you (plural) > leotha ganddynt bihom with them >
there too it's recent. Gaulish had none of this.
> Note: the Gaelic is the Scots version & the Welsh shows the literary > forms > (there is no need to tell me the southern & northern colloquial forms, > please - I do know them :) > > Also the soft mutation of the Gaelic languages (at least in its earlier > form where |th| = /T/ and |dh| = /D/) & unmutated forms are similar to > Biblical Hebrew: (without dagesh) /f/, /v/, /T/, /D/ ,/x/, /G/ ~ (with > dagesh) /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/. > > I believe there are one or two other feature that some have cited also. > Personally I am far from convinced by all these 'similarities'. >
neither do I
> BTW Breton has developed an indefinite article under French influence and > its default word-order is now SVO. >
Breton SVO order developed from a generalization of an emphic construction of the kind "It is me who...."


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