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Re: THEORY: CP-V2 vs. IP-V2

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 19, 1999, 23:24
On Wed, 19 May 1999 17:47:41 -0400 John Cowan <cowan@...>
>Steg Belsky wrote: >> Shouldn't the Yiddish be _es iz shver..._?
>Yeah, German interference. Sorry about that. So what are *your* >intuitions about "Es iz shver a Yid tsu zayn"? Sound like >good Mamaloshn to you? > >-- >John Cowan
Well, unfortunately i'm not a native speaker, and i've only learned Yiddish for one year, but it sounds good to me. It seems to have more of a lyrical quality than _Es iz shver tsu zain a yid_, although that could just be my English intuition assuming it's a _mishpat yihhud_ (i don't know the English term, it's when you take a sentence and move the parts out of their correct/normal order for poetic effect, like "Him I ate" instead of "I ate him"). The sentence just seems to be begging for a pause after _shver_ that the other sentence doesn't: Es iz shver tzu zain a yid. Es iz shver, a yid tzu zain. Although that could just be to distinguish that _shver_ is talking about the whole phrase, and not _a yid_. But like i said before, i'm desafortunadamente not a native speaker. -Stephen (Steg) _ , bre'davidh ktish-a tze-a, ozii-elyeb, ozii: i ozii-dagair amsh ,. _ ___________________________________________________________________ You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get completely free e-mail from Juno at or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]