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Re: comments on Itláni

From:laokou <laokou@...>
Date:Saturday, November 10, 2001, 22:55
From: "Jim Hopkins"

> In Itlani verbs the -ya of the infinitive is just coincidentally the same
> the "tense/mood indicator" -ya(r) etc.
> Actually, "yar", "yav", "yazh" are independent words that mean "present", > "past", and "future" respectively. See also: yaraspal (today), yavaspal > (yesterday), yazhaspal (tomorrow).
In Géarthnuns, in addition to their standard demonstrative and spatial meanings ("hengeb" is "this"; "hereçkeb" is "that near you"; "helkeb" is "that over there"; "hengedíns" is "here", "hereçkedíns" is "there (near you)" and "helkedíns" is "yon"), these words are also used to mark time (with "henge-" pointing to the present, "hereçke-" to the past, and "helke-" the future). Eg: hengedalths today hereçkedalths yesterday helkedalths tomorrow hengesömöths this year hereçkesömöths last year helkesömöths next year etc.
> Hope this helps.
It does, thanks. Kou