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Re: Neologistics

From:Yahya Abdal-Aziz <yahya@...>
Date:Monday, September 11, 2006, 12:26
The jaraku aphorisms - a decipherment challenge

jaraku domiti pilbaa

A1. jaraku domiti pilbaa, pilaba.
A2. todimi libapa rakaju, kraaju.
A3. bipala kajaru motidi, motii.

B1. jadila dobaru pilkadi, pilkaa.
B2. topaku lijati ratiba, ratii.
B3. birami kamipa molaju, molaa.

C1. japami dojapa pitiju, pitii.
C2. torala limiru raladi, ralaa.
C3. bidiku kabati molkaba, molkaa.

D1. jadopi pajati mipaju, balapi.
D2. tolira ramila larudi, juraka.
D3. bikamo dibalka kutiba, ditimo.

Some jaraku translations to English:

a) by syllable
b) by word
c) paraphrases


mouth sound means,
come stop clear,
carry ear(s) by,
carry ear(s) between.

language understanding heard, brain.

The meaning of words is heard by the brain.


mouth one ear(s)
come between colour
carry ear(s) over top,
carry ear(s) over.

whisper blush hood/hat, hair.

Hide guilty secrets/embarrassment under your hair.
The hair covers scandal and shame.


carry under ear(s)
touch mouth color
start clear one,
start clear continue.

ear-(lobe-)ring(s) lipstick/lip-colour use_once, use_always.

Once you start wearing jewellery and makeup, you won't stop.


Your mission:
(should you choose to accept it) is to decipher the remaining aphorisms in a
convincing fashion. Note that, unlike a crossword or sudoku puzzle, the clues
given are incomplete. However, the puzzle's author contends that this is a
situation that commonly confronts the student of languages, and thus this
little puzzle will prove useful practice for real-life decipherment of
fragmentary texts. Although the existence, therefore, of a perfect answer is
improbable (but not impossible), some answers will definitely be better than

Good luck!  (You may need it.)

Yahya Abdal-Aziz
Wheelers Hill
8 September 2006

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