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aspects / nasal consonants / meanings

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Date:Thursday, March 10, 2005, 5:21
In my latest scketch, the one I'm working on, I tought of having the aspects
indicated by a clitic

It would usually be pasted to the verb but it would go on the adverb when
there would have one making a kind of inflected adverb

Considering the fact I want it to be natural, do you think it is too weird
to have adverbs that take the aspect inflection in place of the verb? Are
there languages where adverbs inflect or agree with something?


Because every consonant may be nasalized, would it be possible to have nasal

/nZ~)/ or maybe /dZ)~/ would be the nasal equivalent of /dZ)/

It is probably possible, just dont know if it's called affricate

Are there such sounds in natlangs?


Are there natlangs that dont distingish verbs like "to eat" and "to drink"
and link them in a single word?

"to eat" and "to drink" are similar and are only different by the fact they
apply on different types of things

But the meaning may be indicated by the context

Or do some natlangs derive these two words from the same root with an affix
for "liquid" and another for "solid" or "water" and "food"

or that distinct more types of drinking and eating with suffixes or
independant words for "water", "fruit", "medication/drug", "blood",

- Max


Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>