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Re: Weekly Vocab 6: to know

From:Pavel Iosad <edricson@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 7, 2003, 19:43

> [...] I haven't run across > many who distinguish "to know a fact" from "to know how to do > something".
Welsh has 'gwybod' for 'know a fact', 'nabod' for 'know someone' and 'medru' for 'know how to' (though this last is usually glossed in bilingual dictionaries alongside 'can' rather than 'know'). Russian also has _znat'_ for the first two, but _umet'_ for the last sense. Though again, it's perhaps closer to 'can' (and a couple of centuries they could exchanged freely: for instance, Pushkin has _ja ne umeju vam skazat'_ 'I can't tell you', but modern Russian will invariably have _ja ne mogu skazat'_. I sometimes think this is an influence from Polish _umiec'_, but I haven't read it anywhere... not that I searched, OTOH). Then there's Swedish 'veta', 'känna', 'kunna'. I'll let the native speakers tell us about them, I can't get the hang of it :-( Pavel -- Pavel Iosad Is mall a mharcaicheas am fear a bheachdaicheas --Scottish proverb


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