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Relay 1 Czevraqis etc.

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, August 25, 2001, 4:44
This went directly to Claudio rather than the list.  It may be of interest.

Claudio wrote:
>---->> tramepu left undone, incomplete; not done (either by omission, or
>---->> the work was abandoned, contrast ta rumbende incomplete but due to
>---->> finished); >---->> trambepu unemployed > >well that reminds me to some process-aspects. >but i dont quite understand: does tramepu refer to a
not-yet-started-working-process or to an interrupted working-process ? The latter, with strong implication that work will not be resumed. There can be a question of intention, too: e.g. one section of a planned 12 section poem or novel, written 20 years ago, is probably tramepu 'left undone (abandoned)' (and definitely so after the author's death); 11 chapters out of 12 is probably ta rumbende 'not (yet) finished'. Or (as I understand it) work on a Pharaoh's tomb was stopped when the Pharaoh died-- that's tramepu Also tramepu: something one ought to have done, but didn't (and won't), as opposed to something one is supposed to do, but hasn't yet (tamende mepu, 'not yet done'
>a process which is stopped and aimed to be continued is : interrupted ->
aspect of interruption This would be ta rumbende: a highway or building that is stopped because money or materials temporarily ran out. Or, a project that is still ongoing but simply has not yet been finished.
>a process which is stopped and not aimed to be continued is : aborted ->
aspect of abortion tramepu, perhaps because it was impractical, impossible or found to be unnecessary (and will not be resumed); or else simply "stopped" by deliberate decision (but may be resumed by later decision-- e.g the countdown to a rocket launch)
>a process which is stopped before it has been started and to be continued
is: deferred -> aspect of deferral another word entirely.
>a process which is stopped before it has been started and not to be
continued is: cancelled -> aspect of cancellation yet another word entirely. One could also say ta yukar 'didn't happen, didn't come off'. Ta yukar could also apply to something started/attempted but didn't work out-- a love affair, application for a loan
>and others ... > >"to stop" is a very ambiguos but usefull generic verb, and i used it as
neutral form, without any aspects.
> >i was unable to find a term for the "time span before a process has
started", to name it "preparation" would be inappropriate, "planning stage"?
>because a preparation itself is a process and not a "process-free
>perhaps someone can give me a hint to find the correct term?
"dreaming stage"? "gleam in the eye stage"? :-) Interesting distinctions, perhaps requiring more logical analysis than many nat/conlangs exhibit....