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New Words

From:Abrigon Gusiq <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, October 31, 2003, 5:32
New words seem to come from a variety of sources

Old word that may have included the new meaning. But now the word is
more specific.

A persons name, often the person who invented it.

Shortening of an older name/word that often was more than one syllable
and composite. Like Being becomming Bein.

Lazy mouths, sort of a varietion of the old Germanic shift? Where a word
becomes another word cause the new way is easier.

Saying words to impress or to set one self off from others.. Snooty if
you like..

Natural contruction, like using a three part base of a word. Arabic
using like lsm but depending on where  it is at, and context, it could
be Islam, or Muslim, with additions of pre and suffix. Bismallah = Bsm
with LLh or what?

Out of the air cause they sounds cool. Kids love to do this, as well as
some branches of science are famous for it.

Using an ancient likely dead language for the basic root of the word,
even if the word has changed, it just sounds/looks old..

Sounds, YAPP, sounds like a Yapp, sort of..

Abbreviations, such as using For use of Carnal Knowledge = FUCK (now a
nasty word, but not always so?). Unless there is actually an older
Germanice word like GeFuchen = the act of sex?

What other ways are words created?



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