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Re: CHAT: Murdering a Thread; was: Don't mean to offend, but...

From:João Ricardo Oliveira <hokstein@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 13:33
> <GGG!!> <--broad grin. You may have murdered a > thread, but Wolkwod, the Lord of Wolves, is satisfied > and no longer standing over my head. And you're really > very funny! :)
Nice of you to say so, Sally. :-) Who is Wolkwod?
> Well! That's that. Now what I want to know, Hmeo > Joao, is all about you. I'm sometimes ignorant of who a > newcomer is and who isn't, so please tell us 1) about your > name and where you come from (if you haven't already); it > looks Portuguese to me; and 2) where your conlanging has > taken you. What are you working on, how did you find the > list?
1) Portuguese it is. Brazilian Portuguese, to be more precise. As previously said, João is akin to John, Jean, Jan, Juan etc. I'm told Ricardo comes from Germanic and means "lord" or something like that, not sure of that. Oliveira means olive-tree. 2) Nowhere so far. Contrary to most people here, I just started conlanging after I discovered other people did it. I've always been interested in linguistics and human communication in general, and it seemed like a nice way to learn more about it. I started a VSO agglutinative language, but it's really just a draft yet. I'll try to post something about it later. ;-) João Ricardo Oliveira