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Re: Archiving language information (was Re: Saving endangered langs (was Re: Extrapolating languages))

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Saturday, December 27, 2003, 16:22
--- Tim May <butsuri@...>

> Well, you don't just _say_ this; there's been > some work done on > imbuing the whole architecture with this > impression (so they don't > think it's just a ruse to keep people away from > buried treasure).
...yes, and note how the Primitives embellish their temples with all these pretensious symbols and imposing architecture. Yes, colleagues, this is clearly the temple of their greatest God, Radiac Tivit, that we've been searching for this past tenyear. Note here his Holy Badge, indicating a trinity of some sort with a central figure that unifies them into a Divine Whole...
> Hopefully you make the thing sufficiently > impressive that anyone who'd > consider it primitive should be able to > recognize the description of a > radiation hazard.
Well, after humanity's bombed itself back into the dark ages, who the hell is going to even know what a radiation hazard is!?
> Of course, there's no > absolute safeguard against > human bloody-mindedness.
Except extinction... But all that means is some future Rattus sapiens archaeologist will gad on about the time when the Earth was young and these big, gangly ape-slaves fed our ancestors CHEESE. And this is clearly the Temple of the Great CHEESE, for lo! there is the Sign of the Cheddar Wheel!... Padraic. ===== la cieurgeourea provoer mal trasfu ast meiyoer ke 'l andrext ben trasfu. -- Ill Bethisad -- <> Come visit The World! -- <> .


Tim May <butsuri@...>