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Re: Ethymologie- &-Re: Sally's survey

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 25, 2003, 17:59
In a message dated 2003:03:22 07:49:56 AM, romilly@EGL.NET writes:

>Czhang wrote: >> --- my favourite Cantonese greeting (other than the ultra-familiar >"So >> you have not died yet?" - > >Wonderful! That's going to end up in Gwr, if you don't mind
I don't mind... it's Cantonese anyways & I don't have a copyright to THAT, hehe.
>-- something >like, "So, still alive, eh?" Perhaps too, "Well, I see you're still >ugly....", and with different tones it might mean "the day brightened when >you arrived", thus, suitable for use with Kash and other outlanders.
>I seem to recall reading that somewhere, the greeting is "Have you bathed >yet?" (NOT in the sense, 'you smell'!)
Mayhaps the same Amazonia tribe that says "wag your tail at god" to mean the word/concept of "wordship"... ;) Hanuman Zhang (aka "Z") WOG (Wiley Oriental Gentleman ;) Avatar of Sun WuKong, a.k.a _Ma-Lau_ ("Monkey") a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Glorious Anti-Imperialist Chinese Boxers"; ¡¡¡ TricksterSkinWalkerShapeShifterIncarnate !!! <= thee prIs ov X.iztenz iz aetern'l warfaer 'N' kreativ playf'llnizz... => => om hung hanumatay rudratmakai hung phat <= mantra to Hanuman the Hindu Monkey TricksterGod "Life is all a great joke, but only the brave ever get the point." - Kenneth Rexroth googolgigglabyte goegolgiechelbijt - of - met een vette megagrijns GoogolGekicherByte googolrisibyte ===> el byte de la risita de googol googolrisadinhabyte ===> o byte de risadinha de googol googolspassoctet guugoIllolbijt gugolhihibajt gugolngisibayt okukolkikikol egúgelegigalibaith kiletstroknolyadgigabaiti cimacimakekehapi baitakhakhweifayatrauni ufi'auayinisuguguluarkhar pokatra oemadroabhethetre inarevuta yhiyhayhake nawyo va'i utne tuktukt'ishushukuko`g tuk go`go`o`gwgaga