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Green Ribbon Language Creation Campaign

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Saturday, September 29, 2001, 0:02
Here's a potentially cool idea I thought of while working on my new
Tirèlhat web pages: I made a transparent gif with a little green ribbon
(like the EFF's anti-censorship blue ribbons) and the Tirèlhat translation
of Jonathan Czhang's slogan from last year's T-shirt project ("Fight
linguistic extinction... invent a language!").

dëbakhak mè lhatènuxhu- nivgak mè lhat!
  [d@"baxak m@ "Kat@"nudZu  "nIvgak m@ "Kat]
dbákha-k     mè  lhát    -è- núxhu       nívga -k     mè  lhát
resist-IMPER OBJ language -  devastation invent-IMPER OBJ language

I thought it would be cool (with czHANg's permission, of course) if any of
us conlangers with web pages who's interested could put up little green
ribbons on their web pages, with translations of this slogan into all their
own languages. I could put together an "Invent a language!" page to use as
a link. (I could resurrect that old "Invent a language!" essay I did back
in 1997, but I think I'd rather create a new page going into more detail
about the process of language-creation, or link to one of the existing
ones. Does anyone have an appropriate page they'd be willing to use for
these ribbons to link to?)

One potential difficulty with this is putting together all the little GIFs.
Fortunately, Tirèhlat is still legible at small sizes (the EFF ribbon is
143x30 pixels, with about 1/6 of the area taken up by the ribbon itself).
But I imagine some languages would be hard to fit in the small area. And
I'm sure there are lots of conlangers who don't have software that can make
transparent GIFs. But if there's any interest in this idea, I'm sure the
details can be worked out.

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