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Re: Rick Morneau's Katanda?

From:Mike S. <mcslason@...>
Date:Friday, May 31, 2002, 16:32
Tim May <butsuri@...> wrote:

>Mike S. writes: > > > Anyway, the real reason I replied was to mention that I wrote > > a program tailored especially to render Morneau's document into > > html. > >That's great. It makes it much easier to read (and the address works >fine for me). BTW, have you shown this to RM himself? I'm not sure >what his reason for keeping _Lexical Semantics_ as text (when >everything else on his site's HTML) is, but he might find it useful.
I showed it to Morneau right after I created it. IIRC he did compile it successfully. Perhaps he had second thoughts about publishing his document as such a large html page. However in truth I can't really say why he didn't use it. Regards