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The Leipzig Glossing Rules

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Monday, August 30, 2004, 3:32
Hi everybody,

In order to write "good" interlinears, I visited the site of which the URL
was given a few days ago:

I make a few researches with Google but most of the sites send you back to
this URL so... I'm calling for the skilled interlinear makers.

First, I have to create a lot of abbreviations because Shaquelingua's
grammar is very special, to say the least.

Google however gave me this address:

So I will change the names of some grammatical categories herebelow.

CIRC = CIRCumstantial (Self-explanatory)
INI  = INItiator (Sometimes agent, sometimes not)
FLX  = FLuX (One line isn't enough to explain this one.)
RECV = RECeiVer (Indirect or direct object, it depends.)
VOL  = VOLutive (mode: want/desire/wish to)
IMPL = IMPLicative ("then/so" as a mode)
NAR  = NARrative (Self-explanatory)
DOT  = DOTative (Same a flux)
EVOL = EVOLutive (Same as flux)
QUAL = QUALity (Same as flux)
PHYS = PHYSical (Opposed to IMMAterial)

A little sentence to have something to create an interlinear for.

bi tyeara, çrer'kja be çogje dør'jë kushsëtø ; kyó're xili-gesekta flodje

[bi: tHe^axa], [Cxex(e)'kja be: Co.gje d9x(9)'jE: kus^sEt9] ;
[kwO:'xe: x\i4i:gese.kta flo.dje jex(e)'kja]

bi            Ø-CIRC
tyeara        yesterday

çrer'kja      VOL:PST:NAR=I-INI (I didn't split /çr-e-r/)
be            Ø-FLX
çogje         obtained
dør'jë        DOT.PHYS.QUAL=one-RECV
kushsëtø      newspaper

kyó're        EVOL.PHYS.QUAL=several-FLX
flodje        step
jer'kja       IMPL:PST:NAR=I-INI (I didn't split /j-e-r/)

Yesterday, I wanted to have a newspaper, so I walked to one shop.

So what do our talented interlinear makers think about this?

What puzzles me the most is what to do with the apostrophe which binds a
proclitic and the hyphen which binds an adjectiv(al)izer. Besides, I'm not
sure if I can use "Ø" (&Oslash;) to indicate the untranslatable case holder

See ya,

Remi Villatel