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Re: spatial-workout ( premature )

From:claudio <claudio.soboll@...>
Date:Saturday, June 30, 2001, 16:20
thanks, looks good.
to picturize, to visualise terms is a very nice & logical addiotional
feature, and i plan to integrate pics not for spatial terms only,
in my conlang-lexicon.

why not connect the spatial-relations to the temporal ones ?
because what surprises me is: the inconsistence with which we
think of "temporal positional relations" and "spatial positional
spatially, we decribe positions relative to a current center which is
"here" and "there"
temporally we describe positions always as time-arrow from the
utter past toward the utter future and NOT around the current center,
which is "now" and "then".

back <<---  here  --->> front     (front and back is far away)
past --->>  now   --->> future    (??)

my suggestion:
back <<<<-  here  ->>>> front     (front and back is far away)
past <<<<-  now   ->>>> future    (future and past is far away)

both could be made more logically consistent,
when we image that we look into future,
and derive it with the compounds:
"temporal-front" & "temporal-rear"
"spatial-front" & "spatial-rear"
and get rid of the time-arrow.


>> well i have tried to work abit on spatial terms , but put this >> on hold, because its really not an easy task to analyse them and create >> a logical analysis/categorization them. >> however the first step is surely to collect all spatial terms (relation or not) >> terms. and *then* look at them and try to get a grisp how they relate, >> and how their semantics could be derived from each other. >>
RR> <snip>
>> >> if someone already analysed this topic i would be happy to hear about it. >> regards, >> c.s. >>
RR> I had great fun coming up with a set of motive, spatial and temporal RR> prepositions for Gevey. If my work can be of any help to your work, RR> then feel free to check out the Gevey pronoun webpage at RR> RR> I've included little pictures on the webpage to try and demonstrate RR> what each preposition represents. Feedback is always welcome. RR> Rik RR> -- RR> The Gevey language reference RR> "rurmlor entflöt, fluppseveri trimel akre wopel larf." - alte redensart