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Plausible Sound-shifts

From:Jason Monti <yukatado@...>
Date:Saturday, March 10, 2007, 7:37
Okay, I'm thinking a little more about my proto-lang's phonology and

I've added /T/ <þ>, /D/ <ð>, /S/ <c>, and /Z/ <j>

I've decided that all words whose final consonant is voiced shall end in a

This allows me to end words with m, n, w, r, l, and y, without them acting
weird in morphological changes.

Instead of having the final-s clusters (ps, ts, ks), I decided to have some
fun with symetrical affricates and changed them to pf, bv, tþ, dð, ts, dz,
tc, and dj.

I still allow for sp, st, sk, sm, and sn, word-initial, and none of the
above symetrical affricates are allowed word-initial.

Now, I need to know if its plausible to have had sound shifts that would
yeild the following kinds of words:

Initial fricatives (v'ed or v'less), but no initial affricates (other than
the s-clusters).
However, word-final, if there is nothing between the vowel and the consonant
(no syllabant) then you may also have a fricative, but not an affricate. If
there is a syllabant between the vowel and the consonant, then the fricative
must affricate: f > pf, and so on.

So you can have:

fet, but not pfet.
tef, but not tepf
tenpf, but not tenf
terpf, but not terf
teypf, but not teyf

No giminates allowed (except in compounds where two Ss but up against one

I've decided to not allow double syllabants surrounding a vowel, so you
can't have an initial AND final syllabant, and you cannot have a vowel by
itself without a syllabant, so your only options are *we*, *le*, *en*, *er*,
and *ey*.



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