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Re: New here

From:Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
Date:Saturday, September 10, 2005, 2:08
Yahya Abdal-Aziz wrote:

> Just joined, and am new at conlanging, too. :-) > > About a month ago, I started cooking up a new language for the fun of it, > little realising what depths I might need to plumb ... > > I've had a quick browse of a few recent posts, and the enormity of my > grammatical ignorance now appals me ... Clearly, I'm going to have to get > up to speed on, for one thing, several kinds of case that I haven't > encountered previously in my linguistic travels. Any pointers appreciated!
A little leftfield maybe, but I really, really recommend Guy Deutscher's The Unfolding of Language[1]. I was flicking through the bookshelves idly a few days ago when I came across it. It's one of the best layman's introductions to language I've came across. After that, get Describing Morphosyntax[2]. Both books together will give you exactly the start you need. K. [1] [2]