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New/revised language: Phonology

From:Andrew Chaney <adchaney@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 18, 2001, 16:08
In order to avoid digraphs, I've ventured out of basic ascii. I hope nothing
horrible happens in the sending.

stops:       p /p/   t /t/   c /k/
fricatives:  f /f/   s (1)   x /T/
liquids,etc: w /w/   j /j/   r (2)
nasals:      m /m/   n (3)

0. Most consonents have voiced allophones.
1. /s/ or /S/
2. r or l
3. /n/ or /N/

a /a/
æ /& (i think)/
i /i/
î /I/
å /e/
e /E/
¦ /?/ english "aw" as in "awful"
o /?/ english "oh" as in "Ho Ho Ho"
u /u (i think)/ english "oo" as in "oops"
ø /?/ english "ou" as in "could" not "ouch"
y /y/

vowels receiving neither primary nor secondary stress reduce to /I/,/@/.
/I/ for front vowels. /@/ for mid,back vowels.

diphthongs: ai, æu, ¦i

Basic syllable structure is (C)V(C).

Stress is on the penultimate.
Monosyllabic lexical items are stressed.
Monosyllabic particles/grammatical markers are not usually stressed.

Word order will prob. be SOV.



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