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Re: further information

From:F. Murat Oezcan <tara@...>
Date:Friday, April 12, 2002, 8:00
well, the reason why i think Ro is a bitter than most other
languages is the fact that the vocabulary is in fact mapping of

the computer program which i am planning is not supposed to
communicate with the user using Ro, but merely map the concepts
for it in form of Ro-words (if you plan to use neuronal networks, you
have to develop such a mapping anyways, instead of having it
completely symbolic, using an already existing one would help a
lot-- at least during the development)

pity that the link you mentioned was already the one which
attracted me to the topic, but there seems to be no further
information- nor the mentioned books actually, being as old as they
are, went simply out of print.

On 12 Apr 2002, at 6:36, Jan van Steenbergen wrote:

> --- "F. Murat Oezcan" <tara@...> wrote: > > > dear all, > > > > i am currently developing a software which would > > need a language in order to communicate with the > > user. to this purpose the language Ro seemed to be a > > > very good choice ... > > The only link I could find is this one: > > > Software that communicates with the user in Ro? Are > you sure your program is going to be user-friendly? > > Jan > > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Everything you'll ever need on one web page > from News and Sport to Email and Music Charts >