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Re: The "If you call me insane again..." page, at long last!

From:Andrew Chaney <adchaney@...>
Date:Monday, July 23, 2001, 3:22
> "If you call me insane again I'll eat your other eye!"
In Ihrom: "Hkeem tus em farip pooexi ne-sehiimxak xuu em ooxem yoor es tum hkumim nuroom pusitamuri!" Literally: If you call me not right in my head again then I eat your other eye. Hkeem if tu-s 2nd person pronoun, primary case e-m 1st person pronoun, oblique case farip again pooex-i name (vt) simple aspect ne-sehiimxak not-correct xuu in oox-em head, oblique case yoor then e-s 1st person pronoun, primary case tu-m 2nd person pronoun, oblique case hkumim other nuroo-m eye, oblique case pusitamur-i eat, simple case A note on orthography: Because basic ASCII doesnt have eth or thorn chars, i use x for /T/ and /D/. Doubled vowels indicate length. H marks aspiration on consonents. Wow -- finally I have enough vocab to do some basic translating... :) andy.