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Re: Clitics

From:Dr. David E. Bell <dbell@...>
Date:Friday, November 12, 1999, 23:47
> From: Nik Taylor
> Matt Pearson wrote: > > Also, technically speaking, articles are not attached to the beginning > > of the noun phrase. They are *internal* to the noun phrase, albeit at > > the left edge of the constituent. Clitics like possessive -'s > in English, > > by contrast, are *external* to the noun phrase (at least on some > > analyses). > > I really don't see how -'s is external to the noun phrase, while "the" > isn't. In my usage of "clitic", it's most definitely a clitic. I use > the definition that it's a bound morpheme, that is, cannot be used > alone, but can be separated from the word it belongs to. In other > words, halfway between an affix and a word. I had thought that that was > the generally accepted definition, but apparently I was wrong.
I can't ever remember disagreeing with Matt before, so I might be skating on very thin ice here, but my understanding is the same as Nik's. I would consider "the' to be a clitic. David