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Ulattu and Poulocrian

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Monday, January 3, 2000, 2:19
I have no idea how to make a conlang.  However, after staring at a
blank piece of paper for a while, I wrote down several names of
possible languages.  Ulattu drew my attention.

I wrote a sentence in Ulattu:

Ulat hel-massith, shattutai ha-lat mikulu.
Spake the monster, "Free ye my wings from these chains."

Hm.  VO.  ha & hel seem to be definite articles.  Vaguely Semitic,
not that I know much about Semitic languages.  Must have an ablative
case, which mikulu is in.  -at must be 3sing past, and -tai must be

Then I decided to write a sentence of Poulocrian:

Bunkadei, pazmi gelam ubase lula.
Brother-PL featherfruit green nobody-DAT please-3SG.
Brethren, a green featherfruit pleases no-one.

Which is an adage against being greedy and rash, foolishly plucking
the featherfruit before it has turned its characteristic crimson or
'mirod' color.

Poulocrian is supposed to be more European, and perhaps more urbane
and human and less mystical.

Well, that's something.