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Re : Re: OFF: Name for a cat

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Date:Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 10:27
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 29/09/99 07:45:29  , vous avez =E9crit :

> > My mother wants to name her Clara, but it doesn't fit her. > > Me and my brother wanted a Japanese name, but most of them > > are too long -- and I want it to mean something. I looked > > up a dictionary and found _taikoo_, which means 'light pink' > > (and also 'archduke'!). What do you think? Can you do better? > > I can't promise you a kitty as a reward... unless you pay > > for international shipment of the poor thing. :P > >
all japanese-japanese names sound great pet names. a dog is typically "Pochi" a cat is usually : "Nyanko" - which means "kitty". "Puchi" is great too. it means "little". yes, it's french. light pink is "usu-bara-iro". Bara is "rose (flower)". nice too. but you could choose sumo-like names too : Taka-no-Hana, Musashibaru, Mai-no-Umi, etc. so when you call her you can imitate the funny tone of the sumo referee and impress neighbours with your fan. if you run a business, you call her "Maneko". it's the little white cat pawing up in all japanese shops to lure customers. "maneku" means "to invite" and "neko" is "cat". so it's a play on word. well, maybe. mathias