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My "article particles"

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 13, 2002, 20:30
Commenting on:
> > Any Native American language: > They all have interesting qualities. I have > a text on Cherokee, of > which I've skimmed parts. One thing I distinctly > remember is that most > transitive verbs have "infixes" (a syllable added to > the middle of the verb) > that indicate if the object is a person, an animal, > a hard solid, a liquid, > something diffuse or diaphanous, and a few other > qualities. So, as an > example given, if you say, "Please pass the gravy", > the verb for pass *must* > have the infix for a liquid direct object. If you > stick in the infix for > solid, it would imply that the gravy is very lumpy, > and would be taken as a > joke or insult by the cook. >
By now you know that Kayasanoda borrows just a bit from Cherokee, primarily for vocabulary and its agglutinative nature. I do have one class of infixes, which I came up with on my own but does give it the Cherokee "flavor". (I'm finding as I work with Kayasanoda and contemplate future conlangs, I'm more interested in "flavor"--hinting at a natlang without really imitating it much.) Anyway, my infixes are my articles -la- (def) and -de- (indef). The def is the only one that can be used as a true article, and then at the beginning of a word; an indef noun requires nothing, like in Esperanto. However, they both serve an important function with regard to my heavy use of metaphor. Take the word "lanekamunada", which means "east [nom form]". But this is not the literal translation; it is actually "the white point" (this is taken from a Cherokee representation of compass points). But what if I wanted to say "the white point" in Kayasanoda? The "la" moves to the word that I want to use as the noun, in this case, "muna"--point. So the word becomes "nekalamunada" (or "nekademunada" for "a white point".) Dana! Clint __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Send FREE Valentine eCards with Yahoo! Greetings!