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Workshops Review #15

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Sunday, April 6, 2003, 16:11
REVIEW #15, the week from Mar 30 to Apr 05, 2003
Conlang authors are mentioned in [square brackets].

A new workshop - Uraliconlang: is
brought to us by Santeri Junttila. 8 msgs. Ppl introduce themselves, and start
talking about Uralic influence upon North Slavic langs (the whole language group
that consists exclusively of conlangs!).

Amerind Conlangs:

22 msgs. The week before, Michael Everson offered to work better on Unified
Cornish Revised than on a celticonlang - that led to emotional discussions. King
Mark satire (à la king Midas) is used as a translation exercise. Arvorec [Dan
Jones] is in blossom. The phrase of the week: "People actually speak Klingon,
probably more than speak UCR" [Keith Mylchreest].

East Asian Conlangs:
11 msgs. More talks about pidgins and creoles: YP i.e. Yitzik's Pidgin [Isaac
Penzev], examples used as a translation exercise in an unnamed conlang [Robert
Wilson]. Emphasis in Austronesian natlangs. Under discussion: Semiramis and
Lahabic [Theophilus Habarakhe], Trangzhik (former Bluish) [Viktoro], Gamelan
(former Tunu) [Mathias "Takatunu"].


3 msgs. Under discussion: Carrajena [Adam Walker], Fortunatian [Theophilus

9 msgs. Discussion about Vozgian phonology and orthography [Jan van
Steenbergen] - a North Slavic conlang - makes Santeri Junttila give some
information about the orthographies of the Uralic languages of Middle Russia,
and Pavel Iosad -- about Arkhangel'sk dialects. Tarkan Arif wants to know if
there is a Slavic natlang without grammatical gender.

West Asian Conlangs:

Eso se todo, tangata (=that's all, folks),
Quousque tandem?