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Re: A Lesson in Cubonics - Cuban Spanish Slang

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, June 29, 2000, 12:22
>From: Jonathan Chang <Zhang2323@...>
> A friend of mine in Miami wrote this up for me. >There some interestin' ConLang (specifically ArtLang/ >ConCultural in nature) aspects useful here...
Heh heh... I loved it. I got a few Techian and otherwise sayings; sorry they're only in English. Also a few Nadsat II neologisms. From:
> >CUBONICS - CUBAN SPANISH > > > > As a whole, Cubans are a people that are often >misunderstood, > > politically > > and otherwise. Following you will find some >clarifications of the > > language > > which will follow the following format: > > Direct English translation / Phrase in Cuban >slang, followed by a > > parenthesis - (What it really means in Cuban >slang)
Have you seen the Alternative Dictionary on Spanish? You'll find a lot of Cubanisms there. (Among other things -- Russian, Turkish and Hungarian have some of my favorite off-color expressions...)
> > 1. I don't care a whistle. / Me importa un pito. > > (I don't give a damm)
Nadsat II: pisswhistle "fart" or "worthless person"
> > 4. He doesn't shoot a pea / No dispara un >chicharo. > > ( A person who doesn't do anything)
Techian: You can't piss a garbanzo bean.
> > 5. I care three cucumbers. / Me importa tres >pepinos. > > (I could care less)
Russian uses _kher_ "horseradish" for "penis", a mild swear. Nadsat II adds "agurtzie" (from Russian _ogurc_ "cucumber") which just means any kind of phallic symbol.
> > 10. What itches you? / Qué te pica? > > (What the hell's wrong with you?)
Techian: "Who took a wrench and tightened your arse?"
> > 12. Let's throw a foot. / Vamos a echar un pie. > > (Let's get going-Let's dance).
Nadsat II: "vertical sex", "scare the Baptists", "throw the girl"
> > 13. Eating what the chicken nibbles / Comiendo de >lo que pica el pollo. > > (Wasting time-Not paying attention).
Russian (and Nadsat II): "shaking the tree with your penis"
> > 17. It got formed! / Se formó! > > (The shit hit the fan).
Techian: "We just hit the neighbors' latrine!"
> > 18. You're salted. / Estas salao. > > (You are jixed).
"You're the goat's date tonight."
> > 21. This egg wants salt. / Este huevo quiere sal. > > (You want something from me).
"Rattle the can, Larry."
> > 22. You're drinking my hair / Me estás tomando el >pelo. > > (Pulling my leg)
"Your dog is humping my leg."
> > 24. Termites fell on the piano/ Le cayó comején >al piano. > > (This is it!).
"It's raining shit!"
> > 26. Keep sleeping on that side/ Sigue durmiendo >de ese lado. > > (Keep dreaming)
"Don't fall off the bed."
> > 27. There is no evil that won't come for good/ No >hay mal que por bien > > no venga. > > (Things happen for a reason-A blessing in >disguise)
"Satan stomps your foot, Jesus stomps Satan's foot."
> > 28. I'm going to do of the fat sight / Me voy >hacer de la vista gorda. > > (Looking the other way)
"Turn your head and pick your nose."
> > 30. He is of country or death / Este es de patria >o muerte > > (Do or die).
"New Orleans or the cemetery!"
> > 32. I won't be taken of low mangoes/No me van a >coger de mango bajito > > (Won't be taken for a fool)
A real world (Texan at least) saying: "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!"
> > 33. He doesn't have two fingers of forehead / No >tiene dos dedos de > > frente. > > (Very dumb)
"He's a few monkeys short of a zoo" (more an indication of insanity or ignorance)
> > 35. For later is late / Para luego es tarde. > > (Let's do it now-Let's get going)
"The teepee ain't gonna start walking."
> > 38. Bad lightning break you/Mal rayo te parta. > > (Drop dead)
"Go swim in the swamp", or "Go drink the swamp"
> > 39. In the name of what saint?/A santo de qué? > > (What the hell..?)
"What the six goats of hell?"
> > 40. In case of the flies/Por si las moscas > > (Just in case)
"The cat might lay an egg.", or "The cat might have puppies".
> > 41. Little feet, what do I want you for/Paticas >pa' que te quiero. > > (I'm outa here like a bat outa hell)
My mother's saying: "Gone to Dallas after a load of goats."
> > 42. What about you?/ Y tu qué? > > (What's up?)
"And what about the wart on your arse?"
> > 43. You're in the moon of Valencia / Estás en la >luna de Valencia. > > (You're spaced out) > >Thats my Spanish teacher's favorite!!!
"How's Bermuda?"
> > 44. He's looking for the 5th leg of the cat / Le >anda buscando la > > quinta pata al gato > > (Getting too picky)
"You want catsup with that cookie?"
> > 46. He's shitted / Esta cagao. > > (He's lucky)
"The shit landed on the tomatoes and not his head."
> > 53. I had fun like a midget / Me diverti como un >enano. > > (I had a great time)
"I'm happier than the bunions on your arse." There's a way of saying "Cheers!" in Hungarian, and it translates to "I f**k the corner of your mouth, my dear Alexander!". That's at the Alternative Dictionaries sight. Danny ¶¦¬þ ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at