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From:Quentin Read <quonton79@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 12:37
Here is the first thing I wrote in Ulm, the Our

Av möt har e dre tran diad.
Lin tos e uk öm räð piad.
Or uv lin mol-bar e bod.
Suk mär um lin bür e pod,
Ar go rih e šab dre tran.
Vod öm ub räð slir be knan.
Vod möt döl e ub tei foð,
Os or päl-um ngont uk koð.
Vod dre brülk öm ub tei vröm,
Vod be skos ub ka gaz öm.
Og qä að mol-bar os zär
Os kal i id šuv e mär.

I found all the characters in a regular font.  It took
a long time to make this rhyme especially since I had
so few words, and also I had to stretch the grammar a
little bit.  It sounds a little dumb and singsongy for
a prayer but I'll make up a non-rhyming counterpart.
But it's all right.  If anyone wants to know more
about it let me know.

Thanks for everyone who gave me advice; now I have a
little bit more of an idea of what to do.  One thing
though; where can I find info on the IPA or whatever
phonetic alphabet you are using?  Some of the
characters are not exactly selfevident and I don't
understand what sound you are talking about.


ps sorry for posting the same message twice and using
up "precious space" on the quota

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