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Vector tense #18

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Thursday, March 18, 1999, 2:34
  STEG BELSKY ad tok:
                         An Example: The Babel Text

       Now HEAR the Babel Text in Rokbeigalmki, thanks to RealAudio!

   The Babel text is a biblical passage, from the book of Bereishith
   (Genesis), in the parashah Noahh. It talks about the period after the
   Deluge, when all humanity lived together in harmony and unity, but
   they had an unfortunate flaw - hubris. They decided to build a tower
   that would reach to the heavens, and to "fight with God". As a
   'punishment', God caused them all to speak different languages, which
   is why this is such a popular text for comparing languages. Other
   natlangs and conlangs can be found at Nik Taylor's Babel Text Page.

   Notes about the translation:

   I translated this directly from the original Hebrew text.

                            the telling of bavel
        from the book "breishith", "noahh" - pereq (chapter) 11:1-9
This webpage created haphazardly by Stephen "Steg" Belsky, copyright
               1998. last updated 2/13/1999 - 28 Shevat, 5759
This is a translation of the Babel text from Steg's Hebrew-English
translation, into the Nilenga Vector Tense dialect of NGL. In a few
places I used Mark Shoulson's translation from Nik's Babel page. I also
changed "Give!"[Steg} or "Behold!"[Mark]  to "Perceive!"

   1. and all of the world was one tongue, and few statements.
   1' Et zupo bo mir ad je ol lenga, et suvo intales.

   2. and it was when they migrated from qedem (the east / the ancient
   times), and they found a wide valley in the land of shin`ar, and they
   settled there.
   2' Et gol ga cik ke su pasliv qedem, et sup saho ol mestin intoyal
   nir ku 'ecset shin`ari, et su pa di'el ace.

   3. and they said one to the other, "give! we'll make bricks, and
   ignite [fire]!" and the bricks were for them as stone, and the clay
   was for them as glue.
   3' Et su ad tok wo tos iwo, ko 'ec!, nif fe mirkupedes, et sim,
   et ku mikupedes usu am ga pir, et ku vodmir usu am ga dulhax.

   4. and they said "give! we'll build for ourselves a village, and a
   tower (lit. house of tallness) that its head will be in the heavens,
   and we'll make for ourselves a name - so that we will not be scattered
   over the surface of the entire land.
   4' Et su ju tok ko 'ec!, nif xom ugu  ol vi, et ol mafjiho ezo goles
      teja disnir sie', et nif usieh fe ol nom- lauk natu gu fu kuar
      ton zupo mir.

   5. and YHVH descended to view the village and the tower that the
   humans made.
   5' Et YHVH pasinko ekif ku vi et ku mafjiho ke ku duines ju fe.

   6. and YHVH said, "there is one people, and one tongue exists for all
   of them, and that caused that they did [this], and now nothing will
   prevent them from the doing of all that they think of to do evil.
   6' Et YHVH pa tok, "ol duinxe je, et ol lenga je palai zupo uwo,
   et gol pa kaz su fe eco, et te no je din ke kat su fe zupo lok
   su vis kiov fe incinci."

   7. give! we'll descend and we'll mix there their tongue, so that they
   will not hear-and-understand one the tongue of the other".
   7' "Ko 'ec! nif pasinko et nif yug eco sus lenga, lauk natu
   wo sav ku lenga be ku faci."

   8. and YHVH scattered them from there to the surface of the entire
   land - and they ceased from the building of the village.
   8' Et YHVH pa disleho kuaroad isu ton zupo mir- et ku pa sadir
   lon xomin ku vi.

   9. because of this [YHVH?] named it "bavel", because there YHVH mixed
   the tongue of the entire land, and from there YHVH scattered them to
   the surface of the entire land.
   9' Fo eco YHVH pa ugol deur ku nom  "bavel", fo eco YHVH ju yug ku lenga
   be zupo ku mir, et YHVH pa disleho kuaroad isu ton zupo mir.


 Mi te dib YHVH fu xap zupo duinxi tok ol lenga.
New Vocabulary.
 *suvo::- n. proposition, sentence, logical claim. From SVO.
 *-tin, tin::-adv. between, vector tense suffix; adverb.
 *mestin::- n. valley, from mountain-between.
 *kuped::-n. cuboid, rectangular parallelopiped
 *mirkuped::- n. brick, earth cuboid.
 *dulhax::- n. bonding agent, join-substance.
 *vodmir::- n. mud, clay, mortar.
 *inves ::- v. obstruct, block, slow down motion. not-velocity.
 *sadir::- v. to abandon, a place or activity.
\1itm 'ecset
\2tp N
\3cl deriv
\4st proposed SD (Stephen DeGrace)
\5def region
I second 'ecset.

\1itm palai
\2tp Conj
\4st proposed SD
\5def for the benefit of
I second palai