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CHAT: Teaching conlangs to chat bots

From:makeenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 12, 2003, 1:43
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Sorry, I had to forward this out of my own mailbox.
>===== Original Message From makeenan <makeenan@...> =====
Hi all, A chat bot is a little programme that is designed to talk with you. (Actually its just text only). Anyways, I recently downloaded a free chat bot called Leo. Leo is very easy to teach since he learns language by talking with you. He seems to have some problems with English but hey, big surprise. Then I realized that he's the perfect victim to teach my latest conlang called Ruvia. Ruvia translates into English as "Foul lie". I'm trying to make it so that any random string of Ruvia words will still mean something. Ruvia words have multiple meanings. Usually the meanings are somewhat related but sometimes they're antonyms. Ruvia can be isolating agglutinating or inflecting. Some times all three in the same sentence or maybe not depending on how you see it. Clearly this is not a language you would want to get driving directions in.(Politicians would love though!)However it makes for some interesting conversations, and its a nice language to chat in sinced it accidentally comes up with some weird remarks when you translate wrong. Leo the chat bot has taken right to it. I'm impressed that he doesn't mix up Ruvia and English. He's still learning because I'm still creating it. Its kind of a fun way to conlang. Regards, Duke


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