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A sketch of Old Albic: Conreligions

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Sunday, June 27, 2004, 0:29
Thank you very much for this.Conreligions are one of my favorite aspects of
concultures.Rihana-ye culture is tritheistic (the Man God, Goddess and Child
though beyond that there are various minor spirits associated with animals
(the apegod, the eagle god, etc.). There are also debates as to whether certain
great past heroes (Mafaboba-ye Bada, the Fisherman's Son, a pre-Rihana-ye
Conquest religious teacher in Pihana,  Tivako-si, The Godgiven, who led the
Rihana-ye Conquest, and/or Zubiba, Foxwarrior, the founder of the present ruling
dynasty in Rihana and Pihana) are avatars of  the Childgod. There is no Adversary
in their religion, but the Rihana-ye Goddess and Childgod (particularly the
latter) are regarded as evil demons in Jasas (Hemana), which worships only the
Man God. There is also a sect who worship Zava, the Sungod;  they were driven
out of Jasas and allowed to settle in Pihana. (They are roughly equivalent to
the Parsees, though the latter's Zoroastrianism is more sophisticated, as
recent posts explained.)
John Leland