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From:Josh <jkartes@...>
Date:Sunday, July 16, 2000, 16:43

   O pixi u mote vjooa ot.  Ve alooi te re xevee.  Vjot nii tidi ot.  Ovi
kartese penee.  Je moti vjooa re gofii wisaa jera otee.  Rede ve nii tidi
tjese puaa jewee.  O ve se tidi nele emevonaa mole yi.  Tue o gapi yisaa
jewe tu.  Eme ot.  Cayi hueea!


   I am new to this list.  I wanted to say hello.  This is my language.  I
call it Kartesian.  I am very happy that I found this list.  I now have a
place to share my language.  I have always liked creating languages.  So I
should have fun here.  That's all.  Good bye!)

For those whom it may concern, the doubled vowels written in the Kartesian
text above are supposed to be accented, but obviously...well, you all know
the whole Unicode issue, so I won't go there.  I shall be back soon.

-- Josh :)