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My Lingo

From:Michael Adams <michael.adams1@...>
Date:Sunday, March 12, 2006, 13:45
I know in my lingo I created two actually, but  one is the major part

Everything is done on the relationship the speaker has with the
person/place/etc they are speaking about.


Or things like

Is the speaker part of a group, or part of the group or not?

I = inclusive singular
We = Inclusive plural
They = Non-Inclusive plural
He/She = Non-inclusive singular.

So things are like

I went to the store
We went to the store
He/She/It went to the store
They went to the store.

I also do things like living/unliving, gender, sentient or non-sentient.

So you immediately know the object is sentient/non-sentient and
living/non-living and so on.