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nullisylvaticoursicacarian secessionism (was :Re: Languages in Gibson's Passion

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Thursday, March 11, 2004, 2:22
Peter Bleackley:
> Staving J Y S Czhang: > > > > >re: lack of Greek Koine in Gibson's Passion > > > > Yeah, what's with excluding Greek? I protest that Gibson's Passion
> >anti-Greek ;) and IMHO ::sniff-sniff:: I smell a rotten Catholic-centric > >conspiracy afoot... possibly Opus Dei - the furtherest Right [secret] > >faction within > >the Vatican. UltraRight Catholics refuse to recognize any form of the
> >Orthodox Church... so... go figure... (ok, mayhaps I am just tad wee bit > >freakin' paranoid) > > It's worse than that - Gibson is a sedevacantist. He belongs to the
> group that rejects the Second Vatican Council, and believes that the Pope > isn't a Catholic. > > What his opinions are on bears I've no idea.
What *is* the name for the extremist doctrine that holds that they do not in fact shit in the woods? That would make a terrific touch in Ill Bethisad or suchlike: militant nullisylvaticoursicacarians barricading themselves in their compounds, trying to establish a breakaway state. Barry Garcia:
> It's a shame that so many in his position (former alcoholic, empty etc) > feel they need to go into extreme fundamentalism (which is what the > sedevacantists are) just to feel like they have something rigid keeping > them in place.
He (Mel Columbcille) follows his father's beliefs. --And.