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Re: Revised Grammar sketchlang

From:David Peterson <thatbluecat@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 29, 2004, 19:02

It appears that many weren't able to read your message because
you included fonts, styles, etc.   Most people who don't receive
HTML mail will have trouble reading these.   I know this because
I send HTML mail and I can't stop it from doing so, and every so
often people complain.   [And I'd like to do something about it, but
I swear, I can't!   I'll switch to GMail some time next year.]   As a
result, I may be one of the few who could read your e-mail.

Anyway, this is a stark improvement in explicitness.   Essentially,
then, the pronouns you use reflect the gender of the speaker.   So
if you're referring to, say, a desert via a pronoun, you know if a
woman or man is the one who's speaking simply by virtue of the
pronoun they use.

Below, the table you gave is what's commonly referred to as "A Table
of Correlatives" (most likely because that's what Esperanto calls theirs).
This is certainly not uncommon in languages, but useful.

And then I can see I was write about the "word" column.

So, yes, this is a much better method of presentation.   Though you should
be aware of the fact that only I and a few others will be able to read
messages like these.

"sunly eleSkarez ygralleryf ydZZixelje je ox2mejze."
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison