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Re: form generator

From:Peter Clark <pc451@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 5, 2002, 22:51
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On Tuesday 05 March 2002 03:27 pm, Dirk Elzinga wrote:
> Peter: > > Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked at werd, and while I like the > way you can apply it to your own rule set, I am less enchanted with > the fact that it will only give a subset of the possible strings. > What I need is a little program that will generate *all* of the > possible strings which conform to a given rule set. If I knew > anything about programming, I'd hack werd to do the job. But I don't, > and what little I once fancied I knew about Perl has long since > vanished. know, there actually is such a tool in existence. Several, actually. They are used for cracking passwords, and you can find several at (search combinations on password, text, generator, and crack). You might find one that actually lets you supply the rules. The only problem is that they might not print nicely to stdout (that is, your screen). In which case, find a buddy over at the CSci department of BYU to customize it. Or maybe just ask them to make one from scratch; it should be easier than a random generator, since you don't need to worry about the random part. :Peter -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux) Comment: For info see iD8DBQE8hUvjevbW9GDdlVARAq/fAKCKfBCQP/vuDSVn1ICRsIdk70Cl8QCghmS+ bj4gfxjNGHGIc60N3XxDQc4= =pdpj -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----