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Re: NATLANG: Gaidhlig volunteer needed

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 21, 2006, 19:00
--- "Mark J. Reed" <markjreed@...> wrote:

> On 3/21/06, Elliott Lash <erelion12@...> > wrote: > > I do know Scottish Gaelic...but I'm not certain > how to > > implement IPA fonts on this computer, which isn't > even > > mine, but my company's > > Elliott: no pressure. I certainly don't want anyone > to go to any > undue trouble. Just pointing out the gap in case > someone has the > knowledge, inclination, and means to help.
I'll hopefully have a computer of my own soon enough. If it hasn't been done by then, I'll try to help. In the meantime, you might want to use this site:
> > Are lenited |bh| and |mh| really [v]? Not [B]?
I really do think they're [v] in Scottish Gaelic. In Irish, they may be more like [B] or even [w]. In any event, <mh> sometimes nasalizes the surrounded vowels.
> What's the IPA symbol for a palatalized voiceless > dental stop? t with > a superscript j? What about the aspirated version - > t with a > superscript j and a superscript h? Is there a > convention concerning > which superscript goes first?
I think that the superscript <h> would precede the <j>, but I might be biased due to my Indo-European knowledge.
> What the heck is a "velarized dental" (e.g. broad > single initial > unlenited |l| and |n|)? How do you do that with > your tongue??
Aren't they dark-l and dark-n? Like the <l> (in my dialect) in <look>. They're written with a tilde through the L and N. But I think Akerbeltz will help you more. -Elliott __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around


Mark J. Reed <markjreed@...>