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Re: NATLANG: Gaidhlig volunteer needed

From:Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 21, 2006, 23:10
Mark J. Reed wrote:

> Roger's message last week spurred me to action. Here I am trying to > come up with an interesting phonology for my conlang, and I know > practically nothing about a class of languages infamous for their > phonetic sound modifications! I'm frustrated by my lack of knowledge > of the Celtic languages in general and the Goedelic languages in > particular. I made one half-hearted attempt to learn some Irish back > in college, but was put off by the orthography. (Apparently > completely different alphabets like Cyrillic were just fine, but > oddball applications of the Roman alphabet? No, no! Back, > infidels!!)
But it's perfectly natural! It's not as if whoever came up with the original Gaelic orthography was trying to shovel 10kg of phonology into a 5kg alphabet or anything... :-)
> Are lenited |bh| and |mh| really [v]? Not [B]?
As somebody from the north-west of Ireland, both, when palatal, come out more [B] than [v], and [w] when velar and <mh> nasalising. I'm told it's the same with the Ulster dialect. [v]/[w] I associate with Munster. I'd expect Scots Gaelic to be [B], but as I'm not familiar with it outside of writing and the odd bits of it I here on TG4 (the Irish language station here), I can't help beyond that. K.