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A Conlang by the group: phonetics

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Saturday, October 10, 1998, 16:26
De: Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Fecha: S=E1bado 10 de Octubre de 1998 10:29
Asunto: Re: A Conlang, created by the group?

>>>* Harmony: nobody mentioned vowel harmony so far. I mentioned nasal >>>harmony (for consonants, not for vowels), i. e. some affixes could >>>have two allophones, one nasal and one oral (for example -pi and -mi) >>>according to the neighbouring consonants. >>Or voiced/unvoiced harmony. Let's try consonant harmony in some way. >I like voice harmony. Count a vote for that. > >>For consonant harmony's sake let's [F] voiced/voiceless disctinction >>unnecesary (then krif and kriv would be the same). And h would not be
>>in syllabe final position. I would vote for letting only /l/ and not /=
r/ in
>>the [F] position. > >Right. Regarding [F], are we writing "aika" or "ajka", "auka" or "awka"? >(I prefer the "aika, auka" form). > >--Pablo Flores
I prefere "ai" and "au" forms too... would let us say "auska" or "ainga" without broken our rules or complicate them. How about if we ned to merge a vowel ending syllabe whit a vowel leding o= ne? I think I saw a way Pablo proposed in an example: ku + ys --> kuwys ki + ys --> kijys then: ko + ys --> kowys ke + ys --> kejys ky + ys --> kywys or kyjys ka + ys --> kawys or kajys ku + es --> kuwes ki + es --> kijes ky + es --> kyjes ka + es --> kajes ku + os --> kuwos ki + os --> kijos ky + os --> kywos ka + os --> kawos I preffer these than glotal stops or hyphens, and allow us to have aika (two syllabes: ai + ka [aj.ka] or [aI.ka]) ajika (three syllabes: a+ji+ka [a.i.ka] or [a.ji.ka]) -- Carlos Th