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Mulivo (< shameless promotion of my blog, etc)

Date:Friday, December 21, 2007, 22:45
> [] On Behalf Of Rick Harrison
"While revisiting the Mulivo site today I discovered a message posted last month saying its organizers don't expect to work on it anymore. That's a shame because Mulivo is one of my favorite polyglot dictionary projects; I like the way the entries are laid out." Mulivo was created by some auxlangers to aid WAL development. I too liked its thematic organization. There actually is another project along similar lines to replace it with some of the same people involved. There is some discussion about it on my Worldlangs group. Then there's Omniglossa which I've been working on for years, but only just published on the web earlier today. I'm hoping to add some way for users to contribute more to the project, but I want to keep a certain level of editorial control for purposes of accuracy and uniformity.