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Iteratives was Re: New Language - Altsag Venchet

From:Doug Dee <amateurlinguist@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 27, 2002, 22:09
In a message dated 11/27/2002 9:57:14 AM Eastern Standard Time,
KarapcM@MOFFITT.USF.EDU writes:

> Some languages (I believe Hopi for one) have a "chaotic iterative". > It's for something done repeatedly but not out of volition. The best > example > is coughing. Coughing just happens to you, and you just do it, but without > a > pattern or regular period of iteration. I have that in the language I'm > working on. It may be useful for you as a combination of "habitual" and > "unintentional". >
It might be of interest to note that Laadan has "repetition morphemes" that make the following set distinctions: 1. bada = Repeatedly, at random 2. badan = Repeatedly, in a pattern over which humans have no control 3. brada = Repeatedly, in a pattern fixed arbitrarily by human beings 4. bradan = Repeatedly, in a pattern fixed by humans by analogy to some phenomenon (such as the seasons) 5. brada [with an acute accent over the final "a"] = Repeatedly, in what appears to be a pattern but cannot be demonstrated or prved to be one. Doug